5 easy ways to add character to your home

5 easy ways to add character to your home

I don’t know about you, but I find myself becoming fed up with how our home looks on a regular basis. It doesn’t take long for things to look tired and dated or for me just to fall out of love with them. It’s impossible to constantly change all of the big items though or to keep redecorating. But what I can do is make small changes. These are my 5 easy ways to add character to your home.

5 easy ways to add character to your home

When you spend a lot of time with your home as I do, it’s really easy to get fed up of your surroundings really quickly. But short of moving house or regularly over-hauling the whole house, the only thing you can do is to make small changes. These small changes can actually have a huge impact on the whole character of your house, so it’s really worth taking the time to make the changes.

1. Update Lighting

Lighting is really important in establishing the character of your home, yet it’s something that often gets overlooked.

If you want to make a statement, opt for big or modern shades for living spaces.

Under cupboard lights look great in the kitchen and create a lovely atmosphere after dark.

kitchen lighting

2. Dress your windows

Windows are a huge focal point in any room, they tend to be where the eye is first drawn as we’re attracted to the natural light.

When you’re shopping for curtains, you need to think about both the practical and the aesthetic look. For bedrooms, make sure your curtains will shut out the light during the summer months, or opt for a blackout blind. Downstairs, you can be less practical, but it’s more important that your curtains reflect the mood that you’re aiming for.

window dressing

3. Create dedicated spaces

If you have an awkward space such as a box window or a strange shaped room, then figure out a way to make use of that space. You could create a cosy reading corner or put some shelves up to display your favourite photographs.

reading corner

4. Put things on display

I’m really guilty of buying pretty things and then stashing them in the cupboard! Don’t be afraid to display the things that you love, whether they’re special to you or you just thing they look nice!

You could put some shelving up in a corner of your living room to show off your things, or even display your best crockery on a wall in the kitchen.

kitchen display

5. Don’t neglect the outside

The outside of your house is really important. Even if you have the most beautiful home, a scruffy garden is going to really detract from that. Plant some easy to manage flowering plants outside so that there is a dash of colour outside the window.

If you don’t have much outdoor space, then tubs and window boxes are a great option.

window box



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