3 Top Tips for Keeping your Finances in Check!

3 Top Tips for Keeping your Finances in Check!

No matter how hard we try, it can often feel as though any money we make just flies straight into one hand and straight out of the other. If you’re trying to make home improvements, then keeping your finances in check is vital. These 3 top tips will help you to get your finances in order, making any home improvement far more achievable.

1. Make more money where you can

One thing that I’ve got into the habit of doing is making extra money alongside my job. If you have even a little extra time each week, there will be something you can do. These extra “jobs” are called side hustles, and they could be anything from matched betting to crafting.

Matched betting is my favourite side hustle, because it’s easy money and it’s completely tax free! If you’re unsure what it’s about, you can find a lot more information here.

I would always recommend Profit Accumulator for Matched Betting, their service is second to none and they give you step-by-step instructions making it really easy.

2. Shop around

Whatever you’re buying, it’s a good idea to shop around so that you know you’re always getting the best deal.  This is particularly true when you’re making improvements to your home. By shopping around, you can often find discounts on big ticket items that will save you an absolute fortune.

Use discount sites and check in regularly to see what’s currently on offer.

3. Know your budget

This sounds so simple, but it amazes me how many people fall down at this one. You need to know exactly how much money you have coming in and exactly how much going out. That is the only way that you can know how much money you’re free to spend. If your income fluctuates each month, then you’ll need to re-do your budget monthly, otherwise it’s a one-off job and you’re done.

Once you’ve got your figures, work out how much money you can afford to save too, it’s so important to have some savings for emergencies or unexpected bills.


Do you have any top tips for keeping your finances in check? Have you been hit by any unexpected costs and struggled to cover them? I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments.